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What I saw in Week Two

Several things stood out to me over the last week since I decided to share this journey with my followers. I thank you for indulging me and reading along. I hope it is enlightening as to what it feels like taking this leap into politics here in Tallahassee, Florida.

The first and foremost epiphany was how truly grateful I feel whenever someone donates to my campaign. The money is important to give us a chance to win, but that isn’t why I feel grateful. I feel grateful because it is a personal vote of confidence in me. It is a sacrifice by good people who work hard for their money. It says people are willing to entrust me with helping shape our future. The $10 or $20 from state workers, retirees, small business owners, teachers, even students moves me deeply and motivates me to stay the course. I will work tirelessly until we win this campaign together! When I see $100 go into our campaign from somebody who worked with me years ago or met me briefly through mutual friends just last week, my heart swells. My commitment to this endeavor is invigorated. I know how much it means to give up that hard-earned money, and I promise to make it worthwhile!

The next thing is how cynical people are about politics in general. We view the entire political operation flippantly and tragically comic. I knew this to be the case, I’m even guilty of it myself sometimes, but it’s worse than I thought. Now that more people are aware of my campaign, these conversations come up far more often. Please believe, true servant-leaders still have a role in politics and can do good things. If I didn’t believe that to be the case, I would never have taken this responsibility and risk upon myself and my family. We need good leaders in politics who will change the narrative and make it a respectful profession. I can’t say I’m surprised by how people are talking about the political arena. I am somewhat saddened, concerned, and hopeful that I can change their minds by setting a good example in my campaign and in my future role as a Commissioner.

The last and most surprising thing is the in-depth knowledge, history, and involvement from citizens I would never have expected. People I’ve talked with in the past and politics never came up. I never knew their level of knowledge, ideas, concerns, etc.Now I am constantly amazed as people stop me to discuss their concerns and brilliant ideas for improving our community. I carry a notebook at all times now, because the knowledge and understanding I am gaining from these conversations, in addition to shaping me personally, will shape how I carry out my role as Commissioner.

That is all I have for this week. A quick update our new Facebook page has grown to over 700 “likes” in the first two weeks since launching it. Please make sure to click on it for the most up-to-date happenings. Share it on your own page, invite your friends to like it. Help my message reach as many people as possible before the first election day in August 2020. Thank you!



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