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1407 Mahan Dr

Tallahassee, FL 32308


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That first glimpse of a sunrise is the most invigorating!


First Glimpse

Covid is here, but I see the sunrise on the horizon.
Publix is returning to regular store hours, including the pharmacy.
SEC is meeting about allowing athletes back on campus in June, maybe we will have a football season after all!
Governor DeSantis is announcing South Florida Counties are opening in phase 1, and he’ll make a decision on gyms and announce this Friday.
Cases are still falling in both Florida and Georgia even after things have started opening back up.
We aren’t out of the woods yet, but there is a LOT of encouraging information out there this week.
I was just talking with someone today about how much better we are treating patients now compared to February and early March. We know not to treat with steroids, and avoid ventilators except as an extreme measure. We have some promising “anecdotal” evidence of drugs that may be shortening the duration of the illness, especially the number of contagious days.
We are getting through this nightmarish pandemic, and there is hope. We will get through this together and be better off in the long run. We will improve our health care capabilities and responses. We have advanced technologically especially in telecommuting for work. We have seen first hand what our impact on the environment is when we do business as usual, so we can adjust for the future. We have reconnected with our kids and bought up every bicycle and skateboard in the country!
I see hope on the horizon!



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