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Mail In Ballots are now Controversial?

Mail in ballots are not exactly a local issue, but they do affect us locally. For those of you who have followed me this long, I hope you understand my intention when addressing hot topics is to reshape how we look at political and community issues. Too often our focus is not where it should be. Too often we are caught up in distractions and misinformation.

Snail Mail

This can’t be the future

As a community leader, I will be straightforward, transparent, sometimes even opinionated, because I want to get things right! I want us to build the best future. I didn’t choose to go into politics to maintain the status quo, stay out of tough conversations, or pretend I have all the answers. What I bring is an open mind, proven leadership, a desire to do the right things, and a promise I will be honest and hard-working for everyone’s best interest.

I say this because the current debate of mail-in ballots is frustrating me. When I see mail-in ballots are an issue in 2020, it reminds me daylight savings time is still an issue, and that rainy days still affect election results. It reminds me we are NOT leading the world with technology and innovation as we should be.

We have service members, diplomats, and embassy staff overseas, students overseas, people at home who are homebound, travelling, or otherwise unable to make it to the polls. Voting by mail is well-established and reliable, but it is honestly an issue for last century not 2020!

We should be debating how to implement and audit voting electronically through mobile apps! We should be debating how to get everyone registered automatically and effortlessly, and then how to maintain transparent accountability for the accuracy of tomorrow’s elections, not yesterday’s. We should be innovating and modeling the pinnacle of Democracy on this planet! Partisan politics is derailing us from everything we are capable of accomplishing.  We must do better.



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