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Introducing Scott Flowers for Leon County Commissioner once more

I’m Scott Flowers. I want to re-introduce myself as YOUR candidate for Leon County Commissioner, At-large.

This position is a non-party affiliated position, but the number one question I get asked is my political party. Truth be told, every candidate in this race is a registered Democrat, but we are all different types of candidates. I stand apart from the crowd as the most conservative, small government, pro-business, anti-regulation candidate. I’ve worked in government regulation, I see the benefits of it on a limited basis, but having worked in it, I’ve also seen how it often hurts the little guys the most, and creates unfair competition.

As a businessman for 20+ years, I’m a boots-on-the-ground team builder. I know how to solve problems quickly and efficiently. I know common sense isn’t so common anymore, but that is often where the best solutions are found. I will bring everyone to the table – citizens – city and state governments – businesses – civic organizations – educational institutions, and we will find solutions to community problems by engaging people IN THE COMMUNITY, not leaning on more government.

I love Leon County. I’ve lived 20 years here, put down roots here, started businesses here, met my wonderful, Tallahassee-born wife here – and we are raising our two boys right here. I am 100% committed to making this community strong, safe, and vibrant, so those boys and every child in our community has an opportunity to grow up, start their own families, and prosper here in Leon County.


I can’t do this alone. I’m not a connected politician, but I’m going to win this race. I’m a small business owner, and a regular working guy. I have the experience and skills to get this job done right for you, me, and our families, but I need your help. Spread the word. Let folks know I am your candidate. Visit my website and Facebook page. Share the information you see there.

Email me for a yard sign, car magnet, window sticker, or just send me your ideas and opinions – at scott@stopdrowning.com.

I work for you, and what you have to say matters to me. More than matters, it inspires me and helps me make better informed and well-rounded decisions.

Call me on my cell phone 850-567-2106, or stop by and visit me at our headquarters inside G. Willies Uniforms at 1407 Mahan Dr. We can walk next door to Sprinkles Paradise Treats and talk about what Leon County needs to grow safely and sustainably.

Check out my website: https://voteflowers.com/


Scott Building Business

Scott in action building another business.

PROTECT – what makes Leon County unique and beautiful. Ensure residents and visitors feel welcome and safe.

PROMOTE – small business – entrepreneurship – job-ready education – financial security – affordable housing, and home ownership.

CREATE – new opportunities for all Leon County residents – and attract outside investment for new, good-paying job opportunities.



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