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2020 The Year of Coronavirus

2020 will be forever known as the Covid / Coronavirus epidemic year. My kids keep talking about the days when they will be eating chips and salsa in a Mexican restaurant again, lol! My wife and her coworkers created a virtual happy hour. They stay logged in to their video conference and drink together after work on Fridays. Face masks have become a necessity as well as a fashion statement. Our lives have changed.

I’ve been advocating for strict actions to ‘flatten the curve.‘ We had to get the exponential growth of this SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 under control. We are making progress, but we’re nowhere near the finish line. Leon County is now looking at a possible peak well into June. On the one hand, this is news our efforts are working, we have succeeded in flattening the curve. On the other hand we have lengthened the duration of uncertainty and anxiety. Our patience is running thin. Now more than ever we have to remember we are one community with the same common needs of safety and prosperity.

At this moment it seems safety and prosperity are two goals in stark opposition to one another. We are a social people. While our physical safety has been top priority, our mental, emotional, and economic health is starting to tip the scales. Our quality of life is every bit as important as our quantity. I believe we all know this. I believe our community leaders in government and business and education are doing the best they can do in a situation where there really are no ‘right’ answers.

All I can offer right now is an acknowledgement for those experiencing loss, sadness, anxiety, longing, and fear. You are not alone. We are in this together. This is a marathon not a sprint. Keep the faith. There will be difficult uphills, but there is relief just over the next peak. Things will get better. Stay positive when you can, and remember when things seem too hard, it’s ok to be honest with yourself and loved ones. Share your feelings and move on from them. This will pass. We have learned so much. All growth has challenges and difficulties. I can only imagine with the global difficulties we are facing right now, our growth will be immense! We will DO better in the future. We will BE better in the future.

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