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Ahmaud Arbery 2.23

Ahmaud Arbery 2.23.

I have avoided commenting on the Ahmaud Arbery incident. It is getting plenty of press, which is a good thing, and I am not as up to speed as I would like to be before commenting. But, I also have a leadership role in our community, and a responsibility to speak things into the light. I can’t pretend I don’t notice, or put that responsibility off on others. This didn’t happen in our community, but it could. It could happen anywhere as long as there are people who are afraid to acknowledge and speak out about it. We all know there are hateful, violent, unstable people out there, and tragedies happen every day for a multitude of reasons. Sadly, we’ve seen several of the most ridiculous examples this week alone.

What shocks and appalls me is there were not immediate arrests in the Arbery case. There were immediate arrests in the Muneryln (security guard) case; why not the Arbery case? A man was gunned down while out jogging, the people responsible admitted it. Their story in no way invoked self-defense or SYG situations. There is video publicly available now, that was likely available to the police at the time of the incident. There should have been arrests. The prosecutors should have brought charges. You have a man shot for no reason, by people who admittedly and intentionally stalked him, threatened him, and attempted to abduct him based on nothing reasonable…. there have to be initial arrests. There have to be charges. Maybe the charges don’t stick as the investigation unfolds, but there have to be arrests!
Now we are reliant on the Grand Jury process. What worries me now is how our Grand Jury system has seemed to fail us in cases like this in the past. What “SHOULD” happen, is a prosecutor goes in front of the jury and makes the best case for why charges should be brought. The Grand Jury decides if that is enough to charge or not. What has happened in some of these cases is a prosecutor goes in front of the jury and makes a case as to why they haven’t already chosen to bring charges, and points out the weaknesses in their case. A grand jury can’t recommend charges, the state prosecutor basically does the job of a defense attorney, and there is a major miscarriage of justice! Hopefully that doesn’t happen here. Hopefully this plays out the way that it should, and while we still have an unnecessary tragedy, justice will get an opportunity to prevail.

So beyond speaking out and raising awareness, what else can I do? All the best solutions start at home, so that’s where I started too. There is an #IRunWithMaud movement. I’m too far out of shape for a respectable run. Instead, we hiked 2.23 miles as a family and discussed the different types of unfortunate racist, sexist, and bigoted challenges people have to face from hateful people.

I talked with my family about the Arbery case. We talked about the fear black parents and immigrants deal with and how they have to parent differently because of it. Amanda talked about the fear women face and how they have to alter their behaviors in ways a man would never think about. These fears are real and justified and that is NOT ok.

While we may not be able to do enough about all the evil in the world on an individual basis, we can at least educate ourselves and our kids. We can acknowledge it exists, call it out when we see it, and stand up for anyone unfairly targeted or abused. #antibully #fatherofboys



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