Flowers for Leon / Helping Leon Grow

Your donation is very important. Even a little, will go a long way!

Scott’s mission is the same as it has been for 25 years: Help organizations grow, operate more efficiently, and recognize and manage their impact on the communities they serve.

As Leon County’s next Commissioner At-Large, Scott will ensure Leon County collaborates with our city and state governments, educational institutions, nonprofits and other community organizations, and the business community. Together we will improve the safety and economic opportunities for everyone in Leon County.

Protect what makes Leon County beautiful and unique. Make sure residents and visitors feel safe and welcome.
Promote small business, entrepreneurship, job-ready education, financial literacy, affordable housing, and home ownership.
Create and foster new opportunities for all Leon County residents. Attract outside investment for new job opportunities.

Helping Leon Grow.

“The most important asset of any organization is its human capital. Leon County has a wealth of talent in that area. We have to attract businesses and organizations to our area who can utilize it better.”

“I have always loved the Leon County area and have been impressed with the managed growth here, but also recognized opportunities were sometimes being obstructed or mired down in bureaucracy. Our community is growing and with the right collaboration it can provide enormous opportunities. We are rich in the human elements of innovation and ambition,¬†along with top-notch education and access to technology and research that is being under-utilized. Let’s grow… better!”

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